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lirik lagu growin’ up – ice cube

[ice cube]
ha ha, that’s my sh-t
turn it up [echoes]
uhh, yeah

i hear a beat like this, and think about growin up
house parties, with g-ngb-ngers showin up
represent your hood, everybody throw it up
they say cube get on the mic, n-gg- blow it up
i used to lyrical, political
but now you want it sugarcoated like cereal
first i met dre, then i met yella (yessir)
dr. dre made me rap acapella
me and jinx did a show at dudo’s {?}
with k-dee, i think it was two shows
then dre introduced me to e
cruisin down the street in his red jeep
he said, yo n-gg-z we should flip it like this
cause them _boyz n the hood_ like the gangsta sh-t
i put the pen to the pad, young n-gg- was raw
and told the world how we felt about the law
it was real

[chorus 2x: samples + (cube)]
i see the happiness (all day every day)
i see the pain
where am i (growin up in the hood)
back down memory lane

[ice cube]
oh sh-t, it’s nwa!
them n-gg-z on tour and they comin our way
lil’ eminem is still tucked away
in that trailer park, just b-mpin our tape
jerry h-ller tried to make his escape
i had to bounce, while other n-gg-z got raped
same n-gg-z turned around and said f-ck me
no f-ck you cause i’m down with chuck d
and i’m ’bout to do a movie up, a cl-ssic
when i hit the screen, n-gg- it was magic
never thought i’d see eazy in a casket
thanks for everythang, that’s on everythang
i learned a lot of game from you
i like your son, he got his name from you
i tell him everythang that he need to know
if he ask my advice, i won’t think twice homey


[ice cube]
from _boyz n the hood_, to _xxx 2_
everybody wanna know my next move
fans all around say “we love you cube!”
i wanna take time to say i love you too
i love all my fans cause they know i’m a man
and not a little boy or some f-ckin play toy
a lot of n-gg-z say i grew up on you
and let me know if anybody f-ck wit’chu
cause you talk a lot of sh-t about the red, black & blue
and how they treat a n-gg- called katrina, did you see her
white folks worry ’bout them f-ckin misdemeanor
while black people dyin in that god d-mn arena
just because i’m actin n-gg- never stop rappin
it’s in my blood homey, i’ma keep the party crackin
money keep stackin ’til they put me in a casket
who you think you f-ckin wit? here’s another cl-ssic


[ice cube]
i’m ruthless, i’m ruthless..
street knowledge..
lench mob..

[chorus – 1/2]

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