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lirik lagu guiding me – april villanueva

many years ago
when you knew that i would be
you held my hands and walked with me
made sure the light would let me see

it was plain to see, although you didnt have to say
i felt your love inside of me, every time and every day

and now i know, that you taught to me to be this way
to lead a life of one who cares by spreading love to people everyday

so now i’ll try to be the girl i long to be
cause i know that u are always there, guiding me,protecting me

somehow i knew, you’d guide me thru and thru
a girl who’s lost in the dark, i look for only you

you are the only one, that showed me how to live
an angel with a loving heart, with so much more to give

i know tht you are there for me

i learned from you what is pain and humility
you cared enough to share with me, what a girl may turn out to be

so now i’ll try to be the girl i long to
cuz i know that you are always there, guiding me, protecting me


i know that you are there for me
even though you’re not around
even when you can’t be found

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