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lirik lagu hallelujah – stephen lynch

i want to write you a poem
that stands the test of all time
a couplet, a quatrain, a ballad, a note
with meter and rythym and rhyme

i want it to speak of your virtue
sing praise to your stature and poise
i want it to capture your beauty
the soul that’s alive in your voice

i want it to tell of your wisdom
how the courage within your heart soars
but all i can think of is how i be lovin’
them big, big, big t-tties of yours

oh, hallelujah
oh, how my heart sings
oh, hallelujah
oh, love those things

they bounce like a kid on a trampoline
they swing like a 40’s jazz band
they stand up like a rock-solid alibi
they don’t even fit in my hand

they curve like a pitch in the big leagues
they burn with a p-ssion so hot
and that is the reason i can’t wait to squeeze ’em
them big, big, big t-tties you’ve got

oh, hallelujah
oh, love’s in the air
oh, hallelujah
oh, what a pair

oh i need to kneed them like sculptors kneed clay
they dance in my dreams in a graceful ballet
i’ll kiss them so sweetly goodnight at the end of the day

they’re firm like a john grisham novel
they swell like a wave in the sea
no matter what part of the room that i’m in
they’re always looking at me

they’re soft like the cheek of a baby
they’re sweet like the honey of bees
i’ll never ignore them, i’ll even adore them
someday when they’re touching your knees

oh, hallelujah
oh, what a rack
oh, hallelujah
oh, hurt your back

oh, hallelujah
oh, on my knees
oh, hallelujah
oh, double d’s

oh, hallelujah
oh, glory be
oh, hallelujah
oh, set them free

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