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lirik lagu hand days / rip – lloyd banks

hand days / rip

[intro: {dj whoo kid}]
kh, k-hm! {d-mn!}
people! (people…) {whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!}
this is real sh-t… (real sh-t…)
are you a real n-gg- or real b-tch? (real b-tch…)
ugh! (haha!)
feel this! {d-mn!}

you wonder why my days hard? (why?)
i spent my mornin’ at the graveyard. (uh!) crawled into this world gone walk away scared.
tattoos on my past views
i was told cash rules (haha!) get yours that smooth
mash through! (whoo!) – i wasn’t talk i comin’ at you
bred from a puerto rican lady and a black dude.
and that dude – is why i’m me (yeah!)
responsible (haha!) for every smile i see. (yeah!) {ammo!}
hue told me since a child i’d be (yeah!)
more than a regular boy and tha boy was he. (yeah!)
right as ever i’m smart! i’m clever! (uh!)
he’s good! (uh!) i’m better! (uh!) i’m hood – forever! (forever!) [kids ovation]
my treasure value beyond measure
i stand out ain’t gotta be all extra. (extra!)
bank$ – the one you look small next to
just like webster, run i’ll catch ya! [gunshot]
if i ain’t have all the money i’d ask betchya!
f-ck it! – listen let all the water out your bucket.
furs and specs when i flex,
my swag, and steps extremely complex. (yes)
and ya’ll just pecs you can’t be the don next
the weight of that torch feels like arm reps. (reps!)
and i done heard it all now i’m gone bomb next
and f-ck all you n-gg-s and don’t take it outta context. (context!) {whoooo!}
you gotta love a n-gg- loyal
when sh-t f-cked up he there for you.
now it’s time to turn the heat up till it boil
and all you – a g (haha!) from the sac to the soil! [gunshot] {d-mn!}

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