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lirik lagu hand of fate – chris seefried

i think maybe i waited to long
i’m still livin’ in my apartment alone
got a job that keeps me on the phone ’til ten
go to sleep and then start all over again

layin’ there thinkin’
what did i do wrong
is there somewhere out there
where i belong

oh you can’t count the minutes
if the seconds are missing
the hours will fade
and then they’re gone

so if the years you’ve been living
in this life you’ve been givin’
are slippin’ away don’t let it wait another day
don’t be afraid shake the hand of fate

sun it rises and it starts all over again
i start thinkin’ maybe this is the day when
i can change my luck change my point of view
maybe meet someone maybe it will be you

layin there thinkin’
what can i do right
is there someone out there
for me tonight

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