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lirik lagu hand on my glock – fabolous

“hand on my glock”
(feat. la the darkman, willie the kid)


[dj drama]
amg is the machine (uhh) emb-ssy
c.u.b. (uhh) come up boys!
(l-a-d) (the aphilliates!)

[la the darkman]
n-gg- i got it got what you need, that c-ke that heron that speed
that med them purple trees, front and a n-gg- bleed
i’m good at them evil deeds, it’s normal for me homey
get the cheese like macaroni, pimpin like pretty tony
famous but you don’t know me young’n remember that
war like a republican, smooth as a democrat
pull a rabbit out my hat like a magician dressed in black
really a killer dressed in black, killin for them paper stacks
every since i sold crack, been smooth like ebenezer
police, give me amnesia, n-gg- i know the procedure
i’m sick, no anasthesia can cure, what’s in my genes
f-ck a stash spot, n-gg- my pistol is in my jeans
i’m a fiend for the flow, i’m a fiend for the dough
i’m a fiend for the feel of me squeezin that calico
amg, pay attention, emb-ssy, n-gg-z listen
i cross the mason-dixon just to keep me out of prison motherf-cker

[chorus: repeat 4x]
violate me and you will get popped (get popped)
two-steppin with my hand on my glock, ayy

[willie the kid]
no! they don’t make ’em like this no mo’
i’m as, real as they come, as fly as they say
as hot as they claim, willie man i’m hotter than flames
flyer than planes, i gotta explain, i’m tired of lames
i mean i’m tired of rappers
n-gg-z babblin i hire the clappers, fire the ratchets
yeah, i mean quiet the racket
bottom line you either got it or lack it and most n-gg-z lack it
sing-sing regime is full metal jacket
so many stripes and medals i need another jacket
bullet wounds, they barely can patch it
rap n-gg-z rather bury the hatchet, whattup my n-gg- bump?
just came home, and he don’t care neither
f-ck around and catch a body like a cheerleader
yeah, n-gg-z sweet like a strudel
pet-te like a poodle, small like chihuahuas
devoured all the cowards, money and the power
n-gg-z know willie in the mall a couple hours
geah, they got me thinkin like terence howard
i could be wrong, even though i may be right
yeah, these n-gg-z soft like baby wipes
and chicks comin to the crib like it’s ladies night
hehe, and can’t nar’ a n-gg- see me
i’m big dangerous you just a lil weezy – willie!


it’s l-a-d n-gg-
wtk n-gg-
cub motherf-cker

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