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lirik lagu hands off you – montreal

i still remember the first time when i met you in a pub
we had some drinks and fooled around until the lights turned out.
i took your hand and we went home where we quickly went to bed
but as your husband was my boss – now i’m unemployed

i can’t take my hands off you even though i know i should
get myself out of your life – it would be better for my health

than i met you at a party with your husband by your side
as he went out i took my chance and we went to the greens
lying naked on your backseats your husband came around
he kicked my face and broke my arms and than he burned my car

now i’m here in hospital with you between my legs
… lickin’ at my sausage…
thinking ’bout my future i can’t see that much
as your husband is jumping in – swingin’ with an axe…

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