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lirik lagu hang – avail

i heard you got robbed last week
did you know i got shot last night?
it’s like dependency on a game called hearsay
you hear it said but did you hear it right?
so i was walking the bricks in my front yard
they’re uneven and cracking with age
i made an attempt to arrange them perfectly
but when i got done they wouldn’t fit into place
and i can’t say when
i plan on giving up
i’m trying to think
don’t know when it will end
i heard a rumor you went on a trip
did you know i just got back?
i had a chance to think while i was away
i pointed fingers of blame
until they were pointing at me
so i rode my temper until i heard the water
but i hit a fence that was chained and barred
i looked and tried to find another way in
that’s when i finally realized
that i’d been trying too hard

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