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lirik lagu happy – al axy

the city’s asleep
i’m lying awake
i wish you were here
talking to me
it was the perfect harmony
when you were next me
we didn’t need those masquerades
don’t let it disappear

i should be happy
i should feel nice
i should be running around with a crazy smile
but i’m not happy
and i just won’t feel nice
’cause all i think about is you

now you are gone
to a place that’s unknown
is it a paradise?
’cause that’s i have been told
i would give so many things
for one more second with you
i’m proud of our time
i hope you rest in peace

repeat chorus

i should be happier, just a little bit
that’s what you’d want me to be
but i can’t … sorry
please send me power, ’cause i’m weak

let me dream of your smile
and the moments we share
don’t know where you might be
but i know that one day
we’ll be together again
that’s for sure

i should be happy and nice
i should be running around with a crazy smile
happy, oh, nice
i think about you

repeat chorus

oh, it’s you
you, only you
it’s you

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