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lirik lagu happy with you – barbara kessler

in a steel town
on a grey day
in an apartment above the drug store
on the corner
and every pay day
we’d go blow it all down at the bar
i would be happy with you
there would be nothing better to do
’cause there’s nothing better than being happy with you
in the city
in a deep crowd
no view from our window and sixty hour weeks
sleep in sunday
and in summer
we would go visit friends who live close to the beach
i would be happy with you?
in a cave on the side of a mountain
in an adobe in old mexico
on the lawn in the heart of suburbia
with kids and a dog and neighbors who know
that i would be happy with you
well it’s boston
and it’s raining (again)
you’re on the phone and i’m singing this song
my mind’s drifting
i’m not complaining?
but sometimes i forget what i’ve known all along
that i am so happy with you?

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