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lirik lagu hard or soft – lil’ head


if you want work, we got it hard or soft
front you what you buy, just to bar your cost
(you might get four to one, if you feeding it right
the recipe to be greedy, so be bleeding for life)

[mack biggers:]
i’m a grinder, all about my feddy
some use a whisk, cause the fork too heavy
but we ain’t sweat it, we scr-pe the fork steady
our fork’s got names n-gg-, my favorite is freddy
and dog i’m ready, grinding everyday all day
my prices stand, so f-ck what y’all say
cause t baby, i’m having a dog day
affiliated, and i’m doing it the hog way
i front you what you buy, like you saving a bar
learned the words n-gg-, like i gave you a car
and later on, prolly made you a star
but deep inside my heart, i think you playing me for
some kind of soft n-gg-, because i sell you sugar
but n-gg-, i think it’s some’ing i need to tell you n-gg-
shut up b-tch, before they smell you n-gg-
and keep it gangsta baby, about the yayo n-gg-

[hook x2]

[lil’ head:]
if you got 22, i’ll give you four and a half
no problem give me a minute, let me go in the stash
it’s proper to play with, just to blow up your cash
if you a fool in the kitchen, then you blowing it fast
with this here, it get you four to one
calculate your grands baby, you doubling son
you hit it and stick with it, cause i know how it’s done
i’m blessed i must confess, i’m one of the one’s
if this rapping don’t work, i still gotta eat
and if i can’t move the dope, i’ma use my heat
put the game in mash mode, and attack these streets
before my well runs dry, i’ma fix my leak
cause i’m hustling, really tired of struggling
in the kitchen on a mission, pots bubbling
you better, get the name right
lil’ head i talk sh-t, cause i got my change right

[hook x2]

[mack biggers:]
ok, let’s say you got some’ing to dry slow
then you got some’ing, locking up on the low
then what you waiting fo’, come on dog
do your thang, n-gg- you know you know

[lil’ head:]
you give it three of this, and uh four of that
now wash that three, and then four come back
to some’ing lovely, now you sitting on stacks
your lifestyle done changed, cause you whipping up crack

[mack biggers:]
did you get that black, so mash for cash
cause i layed back, and stack the stash
went from a rock to a brick, without the blackest mask
so dog stay focused, so your -ss can last

[lil’ head:]
so never flash your cash, keep your game low key
i kept it gangsta baby, and let the game change me
i grind to stack feddy, so i maintain these
my connections is great, so i maintain ki’s

[hook x4]