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lirik lagu hardcore circa 1999 – kill your idols


i can’t believe all the things i hear, words of bullsh-t falling on deaf ears. why don’t you practice all the things you preach? your own ideals seem so out of reach. your words mean nothing if there is something to gain. your insincerity is driving me insane. forgetting all the reasons that brought you here, while claiming all the while that your mind is clear.


think about the kids who sing along. screaming all the words that help to make them strong. there’s so much strength in a positive scene. it’s a shame that all you care about is making the green.

[verse 2]

look in the mirror, do you like what you see? a f-cking hypocrite if you ask me. you can’t fool me with your disguise, cause i can see the lies in your eyes.

[repeat chorus]