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lirik lagu harder than the first time – barlow girl

i walked with you
just like we’ve done for so long
you seem so near
but even that’s become so common it’s not just you, just been together so long
that i thought i knew everything about you
but today i saw
did you open up my eyes?
’cause i feel like i’ve just seen you for the first time

i didn’t see you
but god i want to
you’ve come alive
and i think i’ve fallen harder than the first time

was i so blind?
how did i not see you?
yet in that time you never left my side
so far all my life i will live to know you
so here i am, i’ll take your hand

i see your face
i feel you close
the love you’ve always shown me
won’t miss it now can’t waste a day
jesus i’m yours completely

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