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lirik lagu hate mail – big mountain

[cool nutz]
who’s that knocking at the window?
it must be cool nutz, and the playboy bleek

they say this game is to be chopped
dropped like it was hot
y’all ain’t know that playboy bleek got game laced for a lame
and you hos
on your toes i say
on my command n-gg-s falling
im the littlest g with the biggest d-ck and b-lls
count stacks of g’s off in my cut
in the burbs
running up in your spot on point ready to swerve
n-gg-s got some nerve
no business bald -ss clown
as quick as you got up your -ss can get laid down
tre’ pound all she wrote
done did
f-cking with that crooked -ss sneer
n-gg- off in here
now throw your hands up high point them to the atmosphere
n-gg-s hate because they ladies tell off in my ear
they sheer
see through like the pantyhose and stockings
make a n-gg- want to quit go back to back spins and pop him
game chopping in a flannel like that n-gg- paul bunyon
now hos talking cheaper than a grab bag of funyons
talking sh-t while i kick back
try and play pioneer and get your face detached
you hate bleek i hate your granny and the smell of her sn-tch
relax with the hate mail you little tramp -ss batch

[cool nutz]
rain, sleet, or snow
wet like a ho,
n-gg- act like you know giddy up on the go
for sure don’t break it down
i’m about to clown
the heat that i bring n-gg- world renound
i’m freeway bound i-5 or buck-fifty
like mc eiht and business got my eyes stuck on shifty
dump if you dare smoke it up like cowboys
your f-cking with a savage and a n-gg- brung the noise
i melt a motherf-cker we hot like sunburns
i’m bringing more drama than as the world turns
you hate cool nutz buster i hate your mamma
blow the brains out your joint like the f-cking unabomber
calm, cool, collect i keep my composure
metabolism slow like i smoked a pound of dojia
503 n-e-p be the region
where gold ones spin
thug life living
>from the sac to the track i’m all about my bubble
and f-ck any n-gg- with a backwards -ss hustle
>from crack sales, hotels, fetty gravels
all you buster -ss n-gg-s straight sit and hate mail

[cool nutz]

strictly for the fetty
n-gg- can’t you tell
rain, sleet, or snow
n-gg-s bring the hate mail
take it on your chest
homey bring your vest
recognize this game
we say f-ck the rest

[cool nutz]
you weigh a buck-o-five blow away in the wind
i slap the smerk off the face of the crooked tooth grin
i got three n-gg-s stuck so that makes triplets
mumble mouth motherf-ckers straight talking sticklets
a pig in a blanket and roll to a tee
cool nutz on the cut with the b double e
in the breeze with ease and i’m all up in your guts
the words of the day n-gg-s don’t give a f-ck
cause haters gonna hate but i’m still gonna kick it
n-gg-s on my team say i’m selling wolf tickets
it’s all about the family so n-gg- stop -ssuming
i wanna stack all the cheddar and post at the reunion

on my return flight
i recite slow and steady
hit the joint with the flows on point like tius eddie
running up in spots ready to swerve
make your pistol pushing through in the chevy suburb
in 9-6 i’ll blow your whistle
and put this sh-t to a halt
n-gg-s catching the salt no hands like willy wonk
and it’s all your fault
tresp-ss without permission
keep a n-gg- on his toes like a midget when he’s kissing
listen closely observe the twist
about to pull and hit a blunt in cool nutz’ 7-6
i don’t hate nothing but the smell of your breath
cool nutz and bleek and we out to the left

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