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lirik lagu hate song – tyrone wells


this is a song about stuff that i hate

momma always said that hate was a strong, strong word
poppa always said that words of hate should never be heard
but i’m getting older and i just cannot lie
there are things i hate, no matter how hard i try

i hate traffic, i hate dirt in my eye
i hate spiders, and i hate girlfriends that lie
i hate cancer, i hate cauliflower pie
but most of all, i hate my ex-girlfriend’s new guy, i hate that guy

the good book says that we should love everyone
and i’m doing my best, but it’s easier said than done
this new guy was a good friend of mine before
caught him with my girl in his mustang ford

i hate taxes, i hate stink bugs and flies
i hate rug burns, and i hate polk a dot ties
i hate mike tyson, ’cause he’ll bite your ear and then bust you in the eye
but most of all, i hate my ex-girlfriend’s new guy, i hate that guy

i was sittin’ down by myself, i was having a c-ke
i heard someone laughing real loud at a real dumb joke
i recognized the voice so i turned around
it was my ex-girlfriend’s new guy, can’t stand that clown
he walked up to me with a really sorry look on his face
and he said, man i done you wrong but now she’s gone and i’ve been replaced
i know i don’t deserve to have you as a friend because i played the fool
but i’m really hurtin’ man, can i just pull up a stool
so he started crying and saying how he loved that girl
she got with a new guy and it rocked his world
he asked me how i dealt with it when she dumped me
and i said, i just talked about stuff i hate man, it’s like therapy
and he said, really, i said yeah, yeah, give it a shot go ahead

i hate pimples, i hate hemorrhoids and hives
i hate funerals, i hate unsalted fries
i hate britney spears because she never returns any of the letters that i write
but most of all, i hate my ex-girlfriend’s new guy
wouldn’t mind if someone huge fell on his head and he died
like a bus, or a truck, or a meteorite
a hippopotamus, a rhinoceros or even a pig if it was falling from a great height
i hate that guy