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lirik lagu hatin’ – lil boosie

little boosie bad -ss (little boosie bad -ss)
an i wanna know tonight
why they hating on me?
shh. i’m a good n-gg- believe that
let’s roll…

tell me why they hating (why they hating)?
hating on me (why they hating on me?)
’cause i’m tryna get this paper (’cause i’m tryna get this paper)
thugging in these streets (thugging in these streets)

n-gg- ate at my momma table
my daughter called him uncle (she called him uncle)
i treated him like he was donkey and he told on me
the judge looking like he wanna drop a load on me
my n-gg- looking like he wanna break the code on me
tell me why they let me ride for a year?
now they want my 745 until i show for this here
n-gg- tried to sneak me but that’s hoe sh-t
you ain’t gonna get no strikes off me little daddy you better try sum more sh-t
now he f-ck with my girl head
the hoes she be round kept putting her soul down and she can’t focus now (un un un)
ain’t that a shame how they f-ck up your name
tell promoters you’re gonna cut throat ’em now you’re missing your change
who’s gonna take the pistol charges and everybody convicted
been to 5 funerals in 3 months lord knows that i miss ’em
i guess when i get old and grey and my mission is done
you p-ssy motherf-ckers you all gonna hate on my son


from the cradle to the grave i’m gonna always be a hustler
as long as you succeed they gonna always be a buster
they hated dr.king, they hated when he marched
they hated malcolm x and they hated rosa parks
sometime your enemy on your p-ssenger side
riding with you getting high
but you can’t believe it
but you know that he sneaky
when i was five my mama looked at her son she said boy
you’re gonna break hearts ’cause you’re too cute for just one
i guess it’s this baby face and rap skills that god blessed me with
got n-gg- nuts hanging ready to come and test me b-tch but look
you know that say i was dead
2 shot up in my head
sum say i o.d.’d off that x
what they gonna say next?


now they say me and weebie beef we’re on the same team
we drop hits you nosey b-tch, we got the same dream
a lot of n-gg-s player hate ’cause they ain’t me
so when they mine they won’t hesitate to spank me
done seen a lot of sh-t lord knows i try
rumors hurt me inside but i’m still showing pride
want diggers like jigga with a brain like dane
can’t slip like beans ’cause i dreams to be the mayne
but i never change no matter how raw it get
i’m beast mode little daddy so i’m prepared for the rawest sh-t
they called me out my name
they told me i was stunting
i told them one day b-tch i’m gonna have some oprah money

[chorus x2]

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