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lirik lagu have you seen her – donell jones

well, well, well,well, well
hmm, woa….
check it out

sitting at the light she pulled up on my right
looking in the mirror making sure her sh-t was tight
i know she felt me watching but was scared to look my way
i know she wants to look, but i think i got her shook
under pressure, don’t know what to do
she’s got two cuties with her and i got my peoples too
she put it in one, stepped on the gun, and made a u
looked inside, gave me a smile, then she blew, what am i gonna

tell me which way did she go
pretty young thang in a gs4
love was so bangin had me open from the door
tell me have you seen her?
she had a smile that i couldn’t forget
shinning brighter than the floss piece around her neck
the girl was so fine i just gotta make her mine
tell me have you seen her?
have you seen her?

its been a while now, and i’m steady on the case
everyday i’m looking for her face
it’s like a dream to me, and i gotta make it real
gotta let her know just how i feel
now there she goes again, driving by
i hit my h-rn she throws her beams on high
i put my joint in gear, and i tried to give chase
she disappears again without a trace
tell me have you seen her?


girl you seem to think you got away from me
you got me looking for you in all these busy streets
i must admit i got a thing for you
it’s just a little test of all the things i’ll do for you

[chorus 2x]

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