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lirik lagu head for the hills – saves the day

burning a door in the back of my mind
lying alone in the morning
i feel like swallowing my eyes
i walk around the house until
my feet begin to bleed
still i can’t forget somehow

drowning in the darkness of my mind
i dream i’m setting fire to everything in sight
and if i die tonight and go to h-ll, oh well
i wonder will i see you

cut off my legs when you tell me to walk
slit my own throat when you say to talk
i’ve been swallowing your lies
and i recall you asked about
the one you used to know
i know him now


my heart is burning black
my bones are cold and cracked
the venom flushed out my veins
and if you ever knew what i’m dreaming of
you would head for the hills

you’d better head for the hills
you’d better head for the hills


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