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lirik lagu head games – algorithm

[verse i]
it all began with the crying of children
searching the cold landscape for something to get the blanks filled in
boiling temperatures had the paint on the walls peeling
the sh-t done hit the fan now maneur dripping off the ceiling
i directly below showered in excrement
bitterly refusing the recommended daily dose of medicine
bible scriptures just a play thing, making spitb-lls
out of the new and old testament
immersed in a demented game of chicken with my own shadows
screaming let my image go to the silhouette pharoah
he won’t budge
i won’t shake/ he won’t move/ i won’t escape
there’s no judge, it ain’t safe
i must soothe
these headaches
unrest got me biting my fingernails down to the knuckle
solitaire with a deck of cards unshuffled
my land lady provided me with a patch of leathery
flesh to keep my mouth m-ffled
i must repent i scuffle
with a couple
of heavy belt buckles
whipping ’em across my back creating welts and sore muscles
it shall never cease until i cleanse my soul

[verse ii]
a dozen picture frames picture frames shattered on the bathroom floor
a spouse who chose adultery over matrimony forever yours
blood stains the tile
tic tac toe style
my x won it all- the dog, the house, the cars, the
bank accounts, the kids and all the while
i’m slowly going down
the stairway to heaven like a slinky h-llbound
i’m lost in a spiral defeated fetal position
a train of thought with an altered course headed for fatal collision
the jagged gl-ss stepping stones as i hopscotch with wounded feet
misery serenades me with tunes of mystique
hide and seek
enchanting isn’t it
this d-mning dizziness
in a whirlwind twister raving and ranting silliness
the night the music stopped
and blind thieves with h-rns watched
and stared
as i wallow in self-pity and despair
no reason to keep up the pace but no place to take
five they’ve stolen my chair
the odd man out- i’m it tagging jack daniels with alcohol abuse
i duck duck goose
a makeshift noose
hanging from the ceiling fan
pinata loathing the tattered remains of a broken down family man
what went wrong, what was missing, i try to spell it out
the grief overwhelms i gotta yell it out
p-ss out on a sofa bed couch
it’ll be a new day tomorrow
i must suppress the sorrow
or face the possibility of losing my profession
i’ll do my best to counsel that dysfunctional family
during their next session

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