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lirik lagu heads or tails – devil doll

how long has it been
since we tryed this all over again.
i can’t wait to see your face
and kick your -ss all over the place.
you still think i love you so
love you so much to let you go
hoping that i don’t run into you
cause my knees get weak
and i don’t know what i’d do.

heads or tails you choose,
either way i loose.
you’ve got this way to put me on the spot.
you love me, you love me not.

everytime i think we get along
it turns out to be the same old dance and song.
you can start a fight out of thin air
don’t know what hit me
cause you never ever did play fair.
you are the center of the universe
and your love is more like a curse.
i’m still waiting for my wounds to heal
i ain’t got nothing for you left to steal.


count the days i’m gone as i walk away
i’ll bet it’d wipe that stupid smile right off your face.
you think you knows what best for me
well i’ll tell you what, i don’t involve you and me.
so i think i’ll be on my way,
there’s nothing you can say or do to make me stay.
i can’t waint to never see you again,
i’m feeling better at the thought of this being the end.

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