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lirik lagu heart attack pact – american diary

sleep in, call out, we go to cl-ss but not to p-ss,
wake up to make up lines that etch their words to every seam,
you see the thing your missing is, i’m so strung out,
i’m so god d-mn addicted, that i panic to get these words out

swing the mic around, you’ll feel me in the crowd
oh my god let’s make a point to tear this place down
you can’t help, we can’t help, we can’t help,
but get caught up in this madhouse

i’ve stayed up half a year to compose every breathe and every line,
i’m just killing time to tell a story of sleeping rare nights,
moonlit street fights, locked in my bedroom with prescriptions
to musicians that no doctor recommends
i’ll die before i try to live a life
that’s the slightest bit different

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