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lirik lagu heart sized – devil doll

when i saw you up on stage
my heart was in a blazing rage
my thighs nearly went up in flames
i knew i had to get your name
we talked the whole night through
and i never got sick of you
and then you left that afternoon
and since then i’ve been thinkin’ of you

i just want to see you again
whether we become lovers
or whether we become friends

i was waitin’ for the train
and you were doin’ the same
wanted to know all about your thing
i got your number and your name
i got off at the next stop
and you got off you were goin’ to your job
you sound unhappy from your amends
dump your girlfriend

i got a heart sized crush on you
oh do you think of me the way i think of you
i know i’ve only seen you once but i imagine what you can do
maybe we’ll never meet again but that’s not up to me or you
but still i’ve got a heart sized crush on you

i was there outside the show
i had no plans no place to go
you returned every look i’d throw
you grabbed my hand and said, “let’s go”
it felt just like a movie
i can’t explain what you did to me
was it real or just a dream
or too good to be true if you know what i mean?

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