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lirik lagu heartbreaker – one direction


harry: i know i’m a heartbreaker but could i use your ice maker?

louis: he really needs your ice maker; we’d like to make a smoothie. i’m
fresh out of yorkshire tea and we’re feeling rather groovy.

niall: it’s a quarter past and were getting hungry fast and i’d like a
blueberry blast.
zayn: wut.

liam: i really do hate to pose any imposition at all but could we please,
by chance, borrow your ice maker please?

harry: we’re getting huuungry
louis echo: very huuungry
niall echo: so huuunnngry
zayn raps: yeah that’s right

liam: we are rather hungry and would love to borrow-
harry, louis, niall, zayn: shut up
-dubstep interlude-

liam rapping: awright awright, we’re just starving here! and i’m getting
pretty agitated-niall; grab me a beer?
niall: okai
liam rapping: thanks homie-n. yeah we need the ice maker to make our
smoothie, give it too us now or we’ll throw our fruit at you!

all: w u t.

zayn: ya got served.

louis:… a smoothie; )

all: -giggles and fade-