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lirik lagu hell 4 a hustler – 2pac

get on your knees n-gg-
get on your knees and pray

increased the doses
bustin’ whoever’s closest
thug livin’
h-ll; a prison
never loosin’ my focus
i’m making moves mandatory
and in disscussion
my past records tell a story
picture n-gg-s be rushing and still bustin’
til the cops come running
duck in abandoned buildings
ditching my gun
hope what a motherf-cking feeling
i live the lifestyles of drug dealers
but now legitless
so i laugh til i’m crying
when the lord come get me
no baby momma drama
n-gg- miss me
while i plant seeds
in a dirty b-tch watching to trick me
another life for me
living carefree
til i’m buried
and if they dare me
i bust on them n-gg-‘s until they scurry
i’m clearly a man of military means
through my artilery
watching over me through every murder scene
from adolecense to my early teens
though we was born to ddie
i”m selling dope to all the feene’s
at time i wanna cry
and still we try to change the past in vain
never knowing if this game ‘ill last
feeling ashamed
cocaine the product of the devil
am i selling me soul?
kept at a small time living
n-gg- telling me no
i got mine f-ck them other suckers
thats the mentality
jealous -ss busta’s
making h-ll for a hustler

chorus oh help me change my ways
show a little mercy on judgement day
-help me change my ways-
i was raised this way
i never let they play me for a busta
making h-ll for a hustler
-while’s i’m in this place-
help me change my ways
show a little mercy on judgement day
-on judgement day-
i was raised this way
i never let them play me for a busta
making h-ll for a hustler

now when we slang at times
i take mine so serious
gotta get that paper quickkly
and escape the sickness
if i fail
being broke is h-ll for a hustler
so i stay struggling and juggling
with all the might i can i musta
since i used to be money hungry
moved in
one’s five’s and ten’s was funny money
so i said my side bigger
four figga’s or mo’
real n-gg- fo’ sho’
what you thought
all’s fo
lost homies in many battles
last two years shed plenty tears
and now set plenty action
let me catch you slippin’
you soft n-gg-‘s outta here
in case you forgot
we got the same sh-t they gotta get
every step i take
every sale i make
every meal i ate
head to head whoever hustle hardest
on the block ducking charges
n-gg- f-ck the sargeant
got a job
all my battles got a picture; cope
listen though
i’m if-in though
gotta give ’em mo’
h-ll no
i’ve did blocks with red tops
but now a n-gg- sell
word to my young thugs
in jail and jury
they made it h-ll for a hustler
a bail high as f-ck son
dying luck non
supplies with much guns
i f-cked one
just to let you know
that i can touch one
so i can crack the wrath
still h-ll for a hustler
no insanity plee for me
i ride the beef ’til i burn
since in me
embarge from the lessons i learned
and in turn i’m hostile
guess you can call me anti-social
n-gg-‘s shaking
like they caught the holly ghost
when i approach ’em
try and pause it before i smoke them
like sazu
n-gg-‘s doing to these snitches before it’s done to you
and if the cops come arrest me in the evening
best believe they comming for my dogs in the morning
and if i die by slug
the death of a true thug
telling me when my migga’s moaning
getting blown out
high watch me murder then burn
before he testify, strikes
or get close to my thug
i live a troubled life
and if you dream be a part of my team
from long beach to queens
drug dealers to x-feene’s
keep your eyes on the prize
watch for busta’s
either heaven or h-ll
it’s still h-ll for a hustler


this is how we ride
not knowing if we live or die
catching me rolling with my mother f-cking guns on my side
in case of drama
i’m the first break wild on ’til they all die


(yes) change my ways (yes)
and black jesus got us through this
weary, weary, weary, weary heart
only god can save us
nothing but ball.s playa’s
outlaws and thugs…

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