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lirik lagu hell to it all – sick end shot

h-ll to it all!
h-ll to this f-cking world!
what the f-ck is there here to be waiting for!
why does the world kick me till i drop dead!
i can’t take this anymore!


[verse 1-scott]
internal bleeding creature that lurks in my mind
the cage that holds it cracked and ready to break
i take away the thought that make people cry
and wear the scarlet letter proudly before the weak

against the wall the bricks are very cold
the prison gates calling, but the fears to bold
can we begin this journey with only one heart
the sinners who travel on the road i am on

this happen to me!



[verse 2-taylor]
that creature burrows into his mind to only handle
the fear that he carries everyday into life
step away from the knife(the knife! ) and fall away
the telling is only the beginning of our story

can we begin to think about the story of them
the creatures come back and kill my only friend
he falls to the ground ears bleeding
and i shoot the motherf-cker in the face till it bleeds to

[twin solo- taylor and scott]

fell away!
crawl away!
die today!
steal my pain!


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