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lirik lagu henry boy – bruce springsteen

they broke your toys this morning, henryrode your board right into dustsurrounded you with strangers who you could not trustand then they had the gallto write your name up on the girls’ room walland send you out to mariawho spoke of babies and alland wanted to shoot your joyit’s a hard world when you’re the new kid in townain’t it, henry boywell the north side is for diamond-studded womansubtly selling their waresand the west side is for debutantesand would be millionairesoh the east side is for lost boyswho know their moves too wellthe south side is for gamblers, henry boythe train stops once for h-llit’s a hard world when they’re forcing youto live your life out on broadwaybut henry i’m sure you’re gonna like it wellthe constellation she points to gate eleventhat’s where you got your connectionslet me take a look inside my magic booki don’t think you’re beyond my inventionsoh these doctor’s appendages i’m giving you for wingsi’m sure it’ll meet the occasioni’m gonna mix you some magic, you’ll spittin’ sparksand ready for the invasionoh and the milky way’s a trip for dippersthey saw ya coming a mile awayin the amus-m-nt park you’ll get clipped by rippershiding behind candy ’cadesin the alleyway you’ll get ripped by strippersall who know your namein the stalls sit the soldier-boy kisserson leave for just a dayand henry couldn’t take ithe’s gonna be a submarinerriding underground for the popegonna stand on the corner of broadwayand scream: up ’scope

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