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lirik lagu hey! fever – arab strap

the corn was funny and i hope you were joking. i like what we’re doing but it’s never outspoken. so i don’t know what to say and i don’t know what to do. and i’m still not sure that i should be honest with you. it was cool when all left together last night. half two in the morning, i swear it was light. you ran up ahead, we brought up the rear. by the time we arrived, you’d drank all our beer. the skin was peeling off of my beardy face. and i used my best shampoo on my p-b-s just in case. and then i had a quick tug so that it would last longer. and i went to meet you for lunch but we had something stronger. you tied back your hair, you painted my face. and i p-ssed it again ’cause i can’t take the pace. the come down was gentle but once it felt nice. i’m getting a haircut and i want your advice. in a room full of people, we were under the covers. our kisses were silent and our hands were our lovers. and then we panicked when your mum arrived at the door. the tampering’s fun but i think i want more. you said that i’m ok but you’re just having fun. and we were in with the girls and getting drunk in the sun. i would of tried to talk you round but you know i’m not a believer. you noticed my eyes were red but that was just with hay fever. ok, i’ll just agree to, see you when i see you. ok, then i’ll agree to just see you when i see you… went out for the weekend, it lasted forever. got high with our friends – it’s officially summer.

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