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lirik lagu hey girl – averman


hey girl, get in my car and we can live a little.
we can keep it extra slow and simple.
grab my hand, lets zone out until we can’t find our way back home.
the only thing i’ll miss is the band and my mom
but there’s a price to pay for being so far gone.
if i asked you would you stay forever,
tell me what you’d say.
i want to crawl deep inside of your head
so i can know if i’m doing this right.
i need to know where you’re dreaming of going
because we’re going there tonight.
and i don’t have much to give
take all that i have if it will help you live.
take all that i have, this could be something big.
and i see the way you hide your smile when you look at me.
i know you block your heart so strong and faithfully.
if i get to personal would you please tell me?
and maybe i could be as “cool” as california breeze.
it changed me too, that’s where i fell for you
and i’ve been thinking that if you’ve been thinking too
that this could be good for you then lets cut the bluff and go all in.
i’ve been thinking that we should say f-ck it
and tell them all that we’re breaking the rules.
because the outcome appears to be worth it.
we could get lost in each other.