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lirik lagu higeki ha mabuta wo oroshita yasashiki utsu – dir en grey

– to you, in the navy blue sea –
i close my eyelids as i know i am alive
slowly i throw up life is white
no one can come into my frozen heart

– i pray to you in the navy blue sea –
you are weak but stay as you are
can you hear? my rusty voice cries out to you
can’t make it into words but i just want to feel you


deeper then the deep sea that i can’t see deeper deeper deeper i sleep tomorrow

deep blue
the things i can’t forget are too painful
deep blue
what voice, what words will you use to talk to me

– in the navy blue sea, the tears mix in –
no one notices the reason for crying
so the life can’t be saved, feel life
even just for a moment, please live

deeper than the deep sea that i can’t see deeper deeper deeper you sleep

deep blue
just realizing that i am getting used to getting hurt
deep blue
when the seasons comes and winter sleeps, i will

come visit with flowers.

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