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lirik lagu high school sweetheart – jet 2


so there was this girl i met in… huh)
i swear those were the best times of my life…(wurd)
and sometimes i really wish i didn’t.(why not?)
’cause i hate that i put everything in it
(i know) you know? how?
(’cause i’ve been through the same…
days sittin’ reminiscin bout her thinkin you insane. (yeah)
only difference, if she knew your name?
then don’t be chasin’ just be patient bro you’re in the game.)
uh really?
(take it slow… just take it… take it slow… uhh
i know you may feel like these n-gg-s on it, what you waitin for,
but it makes it better when you take it slow.woah)
uh huh, yea right… good idea,
feels like i’ve tried everything but she will never come around
like full gl-sses of sangria
(man bro breathe, just trust me saying… just be patient…
and once you take it… slow… you’ll know)

like.when though? (i don’t know to be honest, just when it happens)
for sure… i’m bout to hit up the mall or somethin’

soulful thoughts and open
run into you, make me skip a beat, heart murmur me
i just had a convo with myself all about you
yeah them girls is cool, but they just make me think
so for now don’t turn me down, just let me turn you on…(that’s right)
shy for now, but it won’t be the same when i’m
even if it’s not with me,
then you can make love to this song
and when i get my chance… imma show you what i’m ’bout
for now i’ll take it slow… for now i’ll take it… for now i’ll take it slow.ha

even if i never get ya, i’ll leave somethin’ to remember
so you never have to ask what makes you want me more .oh
(that’s what i’m talkin bout.ya feel me? do you feel better?)
ha oh yea man this is picture perfect, man she might just wanna throw that,
man this is picture perfect, could’ve sworn i had a kodak
probably never been together, but it still feels like forever
no matter the sight of weather,
had our ups and downs like a see-saw…
but to me you’re my high school sweetheart!

(only when you take it… slow 3x)

(bro how’d it go?)
ehh.she didn’t pick up the phone…
man i probably to a visit to the spot too…
but she wasn’t home…
i try to step out the box when i can,
even when i know it’s wrong
even when situations say different, i take a minute
and then i’m feelin’ right back on
those are the types of moments that…
i can’t really put a price tag on.
those are the types of emotions that…
make me really wanna write that song
treat you like the music, make you feel it
kill two birds with one stone…
sorry for the wait but wait… wait…
for now i’ll take it slow…
for now i’ll take it…
for now i’ll take it slow
now i know you may feel like i’m super on it,
but i’m patient tho
’cause i’m a turn you on after i take it slow…