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lirik lagu hold me – darkseed

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leaves all night and day
clouds with colors grey
but i still delight
mirror’s magic sight

when the moon is overhead
i cross nights forever sad
snow and fire-love i see
love i see

i use my brain, now i see
the wild stream brought me far away
witchcraft’s aim is what i need

rivers drowning lands
paleness, swan-like ends
wandrers searching light
from morn to night

and i grew both deaf and blind
d-mned to leave – unskilled to find
dark sh-r-s no ships has ever seen
ever seen

the leaves upon my fallen life
before i reached the calling side
reading magic books i died

hold me – hold me
to reach heaven, not h-ll
free me – free me
from cold eyes’ farewell
hold me – hold me
is my wisdom here?
free me – free me
from my deep, dark fear

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