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lirik lagu holding pattern – system syn

so you have faith in fairytales
do you have faith in me
but god’s not status blind
and our words were all allusions
don’t we understand
and i told you that i knew that you knew
you smiled at me
i smiled back
we understood
i won’t beat myself to death over this
i know where we stand has no ground
but still we stand
holding hands through h-ll
or this swell of tears

if i’ve killed more than i’ve lied
would logic say i’ve never tried
to live within the boundaries of the law
she saw a sign
hit by a car
she didn’t know she flew so far
along the road that runs parallel
to these outer gates of h-ll
god help me to believe the fraud
the lie, the book, the myth of god
what makes me bad will make her kill
i’m drowning but the water’s still
and i hear all
this is my song
i don’t want you to sing along
just drop down to your knees and pray
that she will kill again some day

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