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lirik lagu home part 2: if these walls could talk they would’ve written this song – half hearted hero

i can’t come home to an empty h-llo;
i’d rather not be greeted at all, the word is so hollow.
i can’t come to believe that we’ve sunk this low
and we seem to continue to fall; first you then we follow.
i’m holding the rope now, at least we’ve got one another.
please don’t let go now, save my sister and brother.
i can’t walk down this street and not start to cry;
i see a broken door and sunken eyes that see right through.
i can’t talk to you now and hold back my tear;
i fear that i’ve created all of these lies to try and uplift you.
take me home. a home is more than four walls,
some rooms, and a set of halls.
the structure that lives inside can’t be subject to divide.
a home is more than a house; a house you can live without.
a home must be built with love, and those you’ve been thinking of.
i fear i’m loosing ground. this city is all that i need.
this skyline right before me.

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