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lirik lagu hoochie woman – tori amos

hoochie woman
hoochie woman
hoochie woman
hoochie woman

i wasn’t thinking
my head was in the book
his hands were on her everywhere
i saw his face i dropped my coffee
he’s cheating on me with a hoochie woman

ooo hoo hoo you can
keep your hoochie
ooo hoo hoo
and the bank accounts
’cause boy i bring home the bacon
i said boys i bring home the bacon now

i went to work and the office girls
were all burning their poetry
it wasn’t good
but in the neighborhood
now they’re all just a
hoochie woman

he called me up
and said “she has needs”
i said “you’ll find ’em
on barney’s fourth floor”
he said “i need a loan”
(i said) “that’s not a problem
you better keep this from you
hoochie woman”

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