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lirik lagu hooks & splinters – otep

you f-cking parasite
i’ll beat you til you die
it hides inside me [x3]
sic semper tyrannus

everyday you decay
in chains, dismayed
broken soul, splintered bones
ghost children
in their graves
sold as slaves
greedy flames
life is a sacrifice
a 7 inch slice
the still-born waste
of a suicide christ

i’m learning to like the pain
i hope you die, we broken people [x2]
it’s hides inside me [x2]

everything is dead
every day is black
word becomes flesh
bloodied, burned, and scratched
everything dead
every day is black
the face i wore was yours
as i launched this self-attack

in pain
a bullet in the head, a knife wound in the
i cried, as my innocence died [x2]

death will have mercy
i won’t
here in the serial killer holy land
it’s not over [x2]
we’ve only just begun
like a fetus on the floor
like an addict wanting more
like a s-x slave
crying and sore
i want to smell the violence
i need to see you bleed
take me inside your soul
and make it weep for me
i need to believe

i will sit, i will wait, i will make, no mistake [x2]
>from slave to master
i’ve become the hydra
more heads and venom
it hides
hooks and splinters [x2]
it hurts

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