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lirik lagu horse on the moor – deadfly ensemble


and his tears mingled with the still waters of the peat bog…
“i brought you something darling!”
and he saw clay fingers protruding from the mud!
“i love you still!”

“my love liked to ride, so i’m giving her a horse’s head. the rest is
made of wood, but it hardly matters, ’cause she’s dead! and my love had
an eye for cameos and feathers for lapels. i don’t have those, but i
have a lot of pretty silver bells.”

“my love wore her hair in a darling mess of golden braids… to help her
under there, i’m sending down one of her maids. and my love took her tea
from a light-blue china service, and so that got buried first so she
could calm herself in case of nervousness.”

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