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lirik lagu hot plate heaven at the green hotel (live) – frank zappa


i used to have a job
an’ i was doin’ fairly well
depression came along
an’ everybody start to yell
“where’d they go, them good ol’ days,
an’ all that cr-p we used to sell?”
now i’m in hot-plate heaven,
at the green hotel

republicans is fine,
if you’re a multi-millionaire
democrats is fair,
if all you own is what you wear
neither of ’em’s really right,
’cause neither of ’em care
’bout that hot-plate heaven,
’cause they ain’t been there

they really oughta go
‘n find out how the hall-way smell –
they’d benefit to know
’bout what the b-ms in there could tell
(of course we’re only dreamin’,
but i s’pose it’s just as well
that’s all you get to dream
up in the green hotel)

nature didn’t put me here,
an’ neither did my fate –
it musta been some evil ol’
republican candidate!
he’s over there in washington,
but i wish he was in h-ll
’cause i’m in hot-plate heaven
at the green hotel

things is slightly better now;
they hope we will forget
their misery of ‘trickle down’,
an’ jelly-bean etiquette
the regal presidential style
has simply not worn well,
but neither has my rags,
up in the green hotel

i said the green hotel
i mean the green hotel
been there once
the green hotel
we’re goin’ again
the green hotel
neither has my rags,
up in the green hotel
hey, p-ss me the dog-food!