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lirik lagu hot rods and teenage sluts – bargain music

it’s five minutes to midnight
so what does that mean
i have no idea but
five minutes to midnight
does that mean drinks are half price
that means we got three more songs i think
what are we playing
my boy right here is gonna sing a song for all you surf lovers

alright this goes out to all the fellas

hot rods and teenage sl-ts
cocaine baby there’s never enough
i got a hot rod and i’m running on down the road

well i got a hot rod and it’s stuck in the side of my head
well i woke up this morning and i was in my own bed
i got a teenage sl-t and i’m still in bed

well you can go down to mexico
and you can go find yourself a catholic chick
she might hold your hold
she might give you a kiss
you can come to united states and meet yourself a wh-r-

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