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lirik lagu house of death – hobbs’ angel of death


the cold walls surround the uncovered rotting bones
chandeliers of skulls and forearms to the air they do decay
structures of limbs line the ceiling of this infested tomb
ruins of life lay dormant in their open graves

on the tablet it is carved
what you are, we once were
now what we are you will become in the house of death

bone engulfed the caskets in which more bodies lie
still clutching the crucifix for protection
as they will enter the valley of death
cries from the dead can still be heard
as lucifer strikes at the soul
the small narrow line between the gates
that separates heaven from h-ll


what you are, we once were
a monument of life
now what we are, you will become to live amongst the dead
no blood will flow, our bones will rot, we lie dormant in our graves
decaying limbs collecting dust

the smell of death, stale odour lingers through the air
uncovered tombs of rotting bones show us of our future
time is here – prepare to die and live amongst dead
our corpses will rot
no blood will flow in the house of death