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lirik lagu how it is – aztec camera

get grades, toe the line
keep your behind above the water in the meantime
join the corporate pyramid
i couldn’t blame you if you did

until you sell out your brother while your sister falls
playin’ daddy, doing the company crawl
you don’t deserve your daughter’s kiss, it’s sad
that’s how it is

well, uptown there’s been more than an oil spill
another woman beaten, raped, blood spilled, male hate
the paper’s couldn’t wait, racism, sell this

well there’s excusin’ in what i’m saying
it’s just that there’s a million colors praying
for real justice that’s how it really is

you just get born, keep on keepin’ on
defend yourself against the worries
try and have fun

party on until your number’s picked
but beware ‘cos the fight is fixed
it was them but it could be you next
paranoia saves lives

so if you wanna exist
get your head round this
that’s how it is

that’s how it is
that’s how it is
that’s how it is

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