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lirik lagu how long – the karkadens

lost and broke, forgotten ones
the children in the night
i’ve seen the battle in my head
now i just can’t sleep tonight
bruised and lone without a home
i can’t figure out why
no one stands ground by their side
and helps them through their fight

rocky roads and broken homes
the children in the fight
against the ones who crumbled homes
in the middle of the night
throwing stones and breaking bones
to pacify their wounds
a soldier down will not restore
a mother anytime soon

a young boy bound by a battle zone
that he used to call his home
when did values lose their value?
why does he stand alone?
a country speaks of liberty
but turns the other way
and cheers for soldiers, gun in hand,
for the children to be slain

whoa when’ll they fall?
whoa how long how long?

evil grins on tv screens
the leaders of the world
as they sack and pillage homes
they’re feeling re-ssured
fighting wars to conquer more
a duty that they swore
to fill their prophet’s wishes as they
await for his return

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