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lirik lagu hungarian goulash no 5 – allan sherman

if you like hungarian food,
they have a goulash which is very good.
or if you wish a dish that’s chinese,
somewhere down in column b there’s lobster cantonese.

enchiladas, that’s what people eat in mexico.
shish kebab is skewered, in armenia you know.
then there’s blubber, the favorite of the frigid eskimo.
such delicious dishes, no matter where you go.

chicken cacciatore is italian.
kangaroo souffle must be australian.
mutton chops are definitely british.
chicken soup undoubtedly is yiddish.

pumpernickel comes from lithuania.
h-ssenpfeffer comes from pennsylvania.
wiener schnitzel’s austrian or german.
kindly p-ss the sauerbraten, herman.

borscht is what they’re eating in the soviet.
wait, i think we’ve got some on the stove yet.
see the mau maus underneath the jungle sky.
jolly mau maus, eating missionary pie.

frenchmen eat a lot of bouillabaisse there.
dutchmen eat a sauce called hollandaise there.
smorgasbord in swedish is the winner.
in america it’s tv dinner.

so there you have one food from each land.
each one delicious, each one simply grand.
mix them all up, in one big mish mash.
and what have you got? hungarian goulash!

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