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lirik lagu hungry for a game – skagarack


you look at a guy who’s working from nine to five,
but deep underneath there is a secret i hide.

it starts around five, i’m feeling restless.
when we get to six my hands are shakin’.

oh the fever is back, it’s time to supply my vice
oh there’s no turning back i need to roll the dice.

hungry for a game, and i don’t care which kind
hungry for a game, all there is on my mind
hungry for a game, got it in my blood
and i just can’t resist.
hungry for a game, stay till morning light
hungry for a game, feel like winning tonight
there’s no-one to blame but the devil in me
who wants a game, vegas here i come.

i can’t leave this place, roulette is much too strong
a force deep inside wants me to go on an’ on.

between pleasure and pain, there is a fine line
so please lady luck show me your mercy in time.

oh the fever is back…