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lirik lagu hunna – plies


[hook: x2]
strap on my muhf-ckin’ lap, it shoot a hunna
bad b-tches all on dimes, gotta hunna
stick that on that -ss, doing the dance, doing the hunna
i ain’t got no change yeah, all i got is hunna

[verse 1:]
new palee, white teeth, f-ck louie
start talking ’bout it, be about it, p-ssy do it
[?] , said f-ck it, i ain’t going
new le’ems came out i’m goin’ to get the jordans
he rap his -ss off but that f-ck n-gg- corny
he asked me for a verse, told him f-ck it
n-gg- i ain’t doing it
money in the ceiling, got them turkeys in the van
pistol on the counter, got to cooking front the fam’


[verse 2:]
who that n-gg- in the 5 star suit
n-gg- play the choppa, n-gg- that 5 star heat
i don’t give a f-ck, drop the hunna on the beats
pay for the cats, all the crackers on lease
if one of us don’t die, p-ssy n-gg- it wasn’t beef
you scared, say you scared
n-gg- get behind me
pills on my lap, waist them all on the seat
pour down the liquor, for my homie, rest in peace


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