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lirik lagu i break all ties – bamboozlers


words and music: steven rhodes
drivin in my car
drivin but i don’t know where i’m goin but i know i’m going far
far away
far from the city of the lights down by the bay
gonna find me a better place
i want to throw away this costume and take this mask off my face
i’ve been livin a lie
livin but i don’t know who i am and for what and for why
why’m i here
who knows why we’re here and i sure don’t but oh?
dear, i’ll never be comin round here again
this is my last song to you, i break all ties
and when i leave things behind, i don’t look back
and i don’t face the facts
now ahead
i see a new city of lights and new, better, happier nights
i see places
nothing that i fear and once again i say