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lirik lagu i deny – atheist


i deny your wretched lifestyle
who am i to fool myself?
a distant cry of help from others
a child’s brain in a world of greed
it’s all around you, can’t you see?
or are you blind to the like of me?

politician, i see through your charade
speaking all your brainless lies, you’re all the same
mister preacher, please tell me what is right
send the double figures, son, you’ll see the light

look into the distant future
will they have a tax on nature?
how much more will still remain?
they actually call themselves humane

i deny all you see
i don’t have to believe

it’s god’s way, says your horrid wife

embezzling, indulging
i believe your nose is growing
extorting, not reporting
your pockets are overflowing

tell us one more thing
how much holiness did you bring?
i see right through you
soon they all will too