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lirik lagu i didn’t see the time go by – charles aznavour

now as the wheel of life turns faster
now as the seasons seem to fly
i see so many things at last, but didn’t see the time go by

i’ve known delight, i’ve known disaster
the caviar, the humble pie
from the absurd to the sublime
i didn’t see the time go by

i didn’t see the years roll on
i didn’t know the road would bend
refused to see when youth was gone
pretending it might never end
now, there is price to pay for every day i threw away

it seems i’ve wasted half a lifetime
within the blinking of an eye
i didn’t hear the midnight chime
i didn’t see the time go by

in still of nights and brief romances
i kissed the girls and made them cry
while there were balconies to climb
i didn’t see the time go by

i was the guy with all the answers,
the halfway-truths, the little lies
so sure, so certain in my prime
i didn’t see the time go by

i hit the heights, i bit the dirt
i left some wreckage in my way
i didn’t see that lies can hurt
i didn’t know how hearts can break
and now, they come to haunt my mind,
the lives i touched and left behind

i’ve sung a hundred songs of longing,
of sweet regret and hope run dry
i’ve searched for melody and rhyme,
but never saw how time can fly,
newer saw the darkening sky

i was a minstrel of my time
who did not see the time go by

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