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lirik lagu i do (cherish you) – mark wills

“i do (cherish you)”

all i am, all i’ll be
everything in this world, all that i’ll ever need
is in your eyes, shining at me
when you smile i can feel,all my p-ssion unfolding
your hand brushes mine
and a thousand sensations seduce me ’cause i,

i do, cherish you
for the rest of my life
you don’t have to think twice
i will, love you still
from the depths of my soul, it’s beyond my control
i’ve waited so long to say this to you
if you’re asking do i love you this much
i do

in my world, before you
i lived outside my emotions, didn’t know where i was going
’til that day, i found you
how you opened my life to a new paradise
in a world torn by change
still with all of my heart until my dying day

[repeat chorus]

if you’re asking do i love you this much
i do, oh, i do

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