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lirik lagu i do do i – 22-pistepirkko

where you been baby, oh i don’t know
i just know that it aint your road
why do you treat youreself so bad
it makes me cry and feel so sad
i do i do all that i could
do i do i all that i should?
you ask me what i think but i really don’t know
the jungle in you do i dare to go

going home
and coming back
never left, oh what a track

if we look back baby i don’t know
what we may see from rear window
same footshooting party crawling down the road
beating up all the prety, cruising over the joes
i do i do all that i should
do i do i all that i could?
you ask what what i think but i don’t wanna know
about that new jungle we are to go

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