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lirik lagu i don’t mind that – lemar

i seen this girl
she works at the store on my block
pretty little girl so hot
feeling her for a minute cos she’s got wot i want
she looks so good
her smile hypnotises me
she’s the finest thing i’ve ever seen
i cud see her with somebody like me
so complete

but wot
wot if i told her how i feel
wud she believe that i’m for real
wot if this is just a crush
on a girl that i don’t know
wot if she’s just a fantasy
maybe she’s not the one for me
think i oughta let it be

i don’t know her name or where she’s from
she got me trippin like she’s the one
she will never know just how i feel
but i don’t mind that
just wanna feel her lips on me
show her that love that she’s feelin me
but i know that its not meant to be
i don’t mind that
i’m hooked

i’m saying if she got that look
i feel just like an open book
and its crazy how she got me shook
like this
i just freeze
when i see you walking down the street
wid the body i just cant believe
neva try to make her notice me

cos wot
wot if she’s too hot to impress
wot if its something i regret
think i oughta let it be


tomorrow’s gonna be the day
i know she closes work at eight
and i’ll be there
braided hair
think i’ll bring 12 roses
finally i ask her name
and maybe we cud go out someday
well there’s a chance you cud turn me away but
i don’t mind that

[chorus x2]

said i don’t, said i don’t, said i don’t

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